The Top 3 Ways To Support Your Child’s JIA Naturally Without Going Against Your Doctor’s Advice
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Hosted By: Vanessa Vanderhoek, The Healthy Gut Nutritionist.
Vanessa Vanderhoek first learned about juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) when her daughter was diagnosed at 2 years of age.

She was driven to study integrative & functional medicine nutrition at university after observing the life changing positive impact that food and gut health had on her daughter’s autoimmune disease. 

It’s now her mission to share this knowledge with parents around the world, so they too can support their children.
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In this 1-hour free webinar you will discover how to:

• Take a bio-individual 'root cause' integrative & functional medicine nutrition approach for your child so they can regain their health.

• Stop going around in circles trying to work out what foods are best for your child and what to feed them.

• Make healthy choices that help fight inflammation, without your child feeling deprived.

• Optimize your child's gut health. Did you know that 80% of the immune system is in the gut?! We will explore the science, especially what it says about childhood being an opportune time to influence the gut and the impact it has on JIA (yes... what your child eats matters A LOT!!!).

• Overcome overwhelm. It's awful what you are both going through, I've been there too and will share what has helped me over the years.

• Plus a whole lot more…

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